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Why do business with The Consulting Lead LLC?

Before we started the venture in 2014, people would call us and ask for guidance. In particular, the asked for “leads.” They wanted us to give them a heads up, an advice or a recommendation to pursue any project.

That reality prompted us to seek a name for our business. Of course, using the dictionary, we sought for the definition of “lead.” And among the all the definitions we read, one struck a chord on what we were experiencing and the reality of what we thought we should pursue as a business. That definition stated: “show (someone or something) the way to a destination by going in front of or beside them.”

It was a no brainer. Our name should reflect our purpose to assist and help others on their way forward. And that is why we came with The Consulting Lead (TCL). We try to lead others to shape the future.

The road has more than bumpy since 2014. Several hurricanes, earthquakes and the COVID-19 tried to stop us and placed us in a tough place. We even had to take a prolonged pause.

Nonetheless, our firm has persevered and at the time of this post, we have found wonderful partners along the way.

Why should you do business with us?

The Consulting Lead can serve as a bridge into the Puerto Rico market and talent pool to enhance inclusion, cultural competence, and local engagement, in particular:

· Capacity to navigate the challenging intersection between the US federal government and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

· Gain niche expertise in navigating federal grants, including compliance, reporting, and maximizing award monies.

· Access strategic communications support tailored for Hispanic and multicultural audiences. Diversity representation through a minority-owned business to meet inclusion goals.

· Bilingual and bicultural capabilities to connect with Spanish-speaking communities.

· Agile, responsive, and innovative approaches from a smaller, newer partner.

· Compliance assurance by leveraging a pre-vetted subcontractor.

· Build on proven performance capabilities demonstrated through fulfilling the prime contract.

· Continuity through maintaining involvement of the existing Puerto Rico-based subcontractor.

· Cost efficiencies of subcontracting through the established prime relationship.

· Enhanced expertise in Puerto Rico’s regulatory environment, vendors, partners.

· Ability to scale efforts in Puerto Rico through local resources and talent.

· Supplement current offerings with specialized federal grants, program management and communications services.

What is our value proposition?

Here are some key elements:

· Expertise and Experience – We have over 20+ years experience specifically in grant management, program management, and strategic consulting. This depth of expertise is a key selling point.

· Specialized Niche Focus - TCL focuses on a niche area of grant lifecycle management that many other firms don't specialize in. This provides unique value to certain government, nonprofit, and education clients.

· Local Market Knowledge - As a Puerto Rico-based firm, TCL has an advantage in understanding the local business climate, relationships, regulations, and stakeholders.

· Boutique Service - As a small firm, TCL can provide specialized attention and tailored solutions that large firms cannot. Customers get principal-level attention.

· Multidisciplinary Perspective – Our diverse backgrounds allow us to offer an interdisciplinary perspective combining areas like program management, policy, communications, and law.

· Certified DBE/MBE/WBE - Our certified minority/women-owned business status provides access to certain government and corporate contracts.

· Bridge Between Sectors - TCL positions itself as a bridge between public, private, and nonprofit sectors that all have different needs and mindsets.

· Thought Leadership - Through speaking, writing, and involvement in professional associations, we establish TCL as thought leaders.

At TCL we aim to provide specialty expertise and experience in grants management along with an ability to see challenges through multiple lenses and provide innovative solutions tailored to the local environment.

Let us show you the way!



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