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Imagine a dedicated team of professionals united by a shared commitment to addressing client challenges with unwavering determination. This group of experts operates seamlessly, blending diverse skills and experiences to deliver innovative solutions that surpass client expectations. Fueled by a passion for excellence, they thrive on the dynamic nature of problem-solving and view challenges as opportunities for growth. Their collaborative approach fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas, ensuring that each team member's unique expertise contributes to the collective success. With a client-centric mindset at the core of their work, this team exemplifies a relentless pursuit of excellence, leaving a lasting impact on every challenge they encounter.

Meet The Team


Gloria Fernández Estébanez

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Gloria Fernandez Estebanez is the President of TCL. She is a highly accomplished leader in project and grants management consulting. She advises governmental entities on federal grants compliance and development as the President and Principal of her own certified Minority Business Enterprise. Gloria brings a wealth of knowledge to her work with experience from major firms like ICF Incorporated and FEMA. Her areas of expertise span project management, grantsmanship, research administration, strategic planning, and federal policies. Gloria holds a pending M.S. in Research Administration from Johns Hopkins University as well as a M.A. in Politics of International Resources and Development from the University of Leeds. She graduated with a B.S. in Biology and in Natural Resources/Environmental Science from Kansas State University and has been a Certified Research Administrator since 2012.

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Jessica Peña Torres

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Jessica Peña Torres is TCL's Operations Officer. She is an experienced customer service professional who has worked for major companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Electronic Data Systems. She has over 20 years of experience in financial and business analyst positions, managing disputes and requests, ensuring contract compliance, and handling global invoicing. Jessica holds a BBA in Management Information Computer Systems from the Inter American Univesity. She has excellent time management abilities, complex problem-solving skills, and excellent customer relations


Mayra Santos Rodriguez

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Mayra Santos is a highly experienced Architect with over 10 years professional experience in federally funded programs. Currently serving as a Grant Manager for TCL, she has previously worked as a Federal Project Analyst and Technical Coordinator with the State Energy Policy Program office at the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce. Mayra has extensive knowledge of project inspection and permitting, particularly for federal funded projects, and is well-versed in the process with the Bureau of Permit Management Inspection (OIGPe), Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), Electric Power Authority (PREPA), and Environmental Quality Board (EQB). With a bachelor's degree in architecture and a Ph.D. in Architecture underway, Mayra is a member of the Colegio de Arquitectos y Arquitectos Paisajista de Puerto Rico.


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Jeffrey Quiñones Diaz

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Jeffrey is a highly experienced public affairs and homeland security professional with over 25 years of experience in both the academic and public/private sectors. He has held various positions in public affairs at the municipal, state, and federal levels. Jeffrey has also served as Executive Director of the Office of Public Security Affairs, managing a grant portfolio of $25 million for municipal governments in the island. With a Juris Doctor from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, a Master's Degree in Communication Sciences from Illinois State University, and a Bachelor's in Marketing from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Jeffrey has also been an Adjunct faculty lecturing in Public Relations, Communications, and Security at several universities. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Fundacion Assistencia al Centro de Trauma (FACT) and for Obsidis Consortia Inc.


Paul Perez

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Paul Perez is a highly experienced security and administration executive with over 35 years of experience. He currently serves as the President and CEO of The Protective Realm Inc., a business process modeling company. Perez has held numerous senior leadership roles, including Division Director of the Division of Administrative Services at the National Science Foundation and Director of the Office of Administration and Security at the Export Import Bank. In addition to his civilian career, Perez served for over 15 years as a Special Agent and Special-in-Charge in the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command. Throughout his distinguished career, Perez has received extensive training and education related to security, investigations, and executive protection. He holds an MBA and BA in Criminal Justice, as well as multiple professional certifications.

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We seek to support, advocate and foster the creative endeavors of researchers, educators and innovators in diverse fields within the public and private spheres.   


We strive to serve as a catalyst and conduit for knowledge-based and innovation centered endeavors in critical areas within Puerto Rico in the short term and globally in the long term.

Our Values

  • ​Leadership

  • Responsibility

  • Dependability

  • Environmental Stewardship

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