The Consulting Lead aspires to serve as conduit, supporter and advocate for scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs within NGO’s, academia, government, and business, to reach, gain and secure financial and strategic support from various public and private sources.  We seek to serve as a bridge for international entities to venture to the US market.


The Consulting Lead service model reflects the search and use of best practices and is focused on building strong, positive relationships with our clients. We provide critical program management capabilities to resolve critical problems and serve clients to meet their goals.  We work with our clients throughout the process, developing well-thought projects, pairing projects with potential program funding, building relationships with prospective funders and crafting a strong and positive image with diverse publics and stakeholders.  


Principals and Associates within The Consulting Lead, provide services in the following areas:



  • Proposal Writing 

  • Research Administration/ Sponsored Programs

  • Project Management and Planning 

    • Balanced Scorecard to measure key performance Indicators​

    • Standard Operating Procedures development and training

    • Logic Model development using United Nations guidelines 

  • Federal & Private Grants Management and Compliance

  • Strategic Communications/Public Relations/Public Affairs



Projects and proposals 


The grant process is complex and requires patience and a sustained, well-planned effort.  Our principals and staff have prepared for our clients the following successful proposals:

The UPR Ponce was invited to submit a full proposal for a $13 million investment by the US Economic Development Administration under its Disaster Supplemental Program for FY 2019.  The project prepared by TCL is the UPR-Ponce Smart Hub, a new building featuring resilient infrastructure, which can promote business continuity, preparedness and industrial diversification within the region where the University of Puerto Rico in Ponce in located. The overall purpose of the UPR Ponce Smart Hub project is to create and design a multiuse, multidimensional, and resilient research and business nurturing facility. With the proposed facility, the University of Puerto Rico in Ponce can develop a business hosting and retention program for entities within the projected high-growth niche in health and medical tourism for the Ponce MSA region.  The facility would have the high-performing energy-efficient infrastructure in order to resist and mitigate the direct effects of weather-related incidents and utilities related interruptions.


US Economic Development Administration

FY2019 Disaster Supplemental Grant

UPR-Ponce Smart Hub Project

Funded for $13 million 

See News release here



US Department of Justice/Bureau of Justice Assistance 

FY 19 Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program to Support Law Enforcement

Municipal Government of Caguas



Facilities Improvement Program/ US Department of Health and Human Services-HRSA

Facilities Renovation/ Salud Integral de la Montana Inc. 2011

$7 million

COPS Technology Program 2007/ US Department of Justice

CAD for Interoperable Communications System for San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo Metropolitan Statistical Area/ Oficina para Asuntos de Seguridad Publica

$2.5 million

Passenger Ferry Program/ US Department of Transportation 2013

Ceiba Ferry Facility Project/ Autoridad del Transporte Maritimo (ATM)

Funded for $1.3 million

US Department of Justice/ COPS Hiring Program 2017

Municipal Government of Caguas

Funded for $300,000 





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